Access to Medical Technology

Mr Charles Imber has access to the best medical technology and infrastructure in the private health sector in central London through The Cleveland Clinic London Portland Place Outpatient Centre. This private hospital provides facilities for:

  • Advanced imaging for diagnosis using, for example, cross-sectional imaging CT/MRI with 3D reconstruction.
  • Dual speciality consultant teams who combine sorting the medical problem effectively with techniques that provide the best cosmetic outcome.
  • The best support services in London, including intensive care and high-dependency care for more complex cases.

For hernia repair

  • A surgical team experienced in both modern plastic surgical techniques and hernia repair.
  • Theatre facilities and surgical equipment needed for laparoscopic surgery for both groin and midline hernias.
  • The latest tissue advancement techniques to repair large hernias.
  • The latest generation of synthetic and biological meshes.

For gallbladder removal

  • Expertise in ERCP, an endoscopic technique that can examine the bile duct and pancreatic duct.
  • Expertise in complex cases, including bile duct repair.
  • Single port gallbladder removal using robotic surgery.

For liver and pancreatic resection

  • Mr Charles Imber has pioneered the use of robotic surgery in the treatment of liver and pancreatic cancer.
  • Mr Imber works in conjunction with other experienced colleagues to provide faster and safer surgery.
  • All cancer patients are discussed in multidisciplinary meetings with oncologists, physicians, surgeons and radiologists so that the best treatment plan can be devised and followed.

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