Mr Imber provides a highly integrated service to private patients who need complex abdominal surgery combined with a good aesthetic outcome. This is true for benign cases and also for cancers, where we achieve good medical results.

Mr Imber’s expertise includes difficult hernia cases and complicated gallbladder surgery, as well as treatment for private patients with liver and pancreatic cancer.

All surgery is carried out at The Cleveland Clinic London Portland Place Outpatient Centre in London, which provides excellent surgical facilities and supportive nursing and after care.

Specialist in Hernia Surgery London

In England over 70,000 people need surgery each year to repair an inguinal hernia (a hernia in the groin, usually affecting men). Many of those operations are straightforward, but when complications arise, you need a surgeon with specialist expertise.

  • Mr Imber is experienced in repairing complex hernias, including those that occur through scars caused by other surgery, and those that keep coming back after routine surgical repair.
  • He pioneers the use of new mesh techniques in hernia repair and offers reconstructive surgery combined with plastic surgery for complex cases.

Gallbladder Removal

Gallbladder surgery to treat gallstones is not too far behind hernias, with 50,000 operations carried out each year in the UK.

  • Although usually a straightforward operation, laparoscopic gallbladder removal can lead to life-threatening complications if not performed safely. Our track record in this type of surgery is exemplary.
  • Mr Imber can also treat patients with gallbladder cancer, or who have complications after routine gallbladder removal.

Surgery for Liver and Pancreatic Cancer

Mr Imber specialises in surgery to treat liver metastases. These are liver tumours that occur when cancer spreads from elsewhere in the body. The surgery required is complex, removing multiple tumours while leaving enough liver tissue intact to allow it to carry on doing its essential job in the body.

Treatment of pancreatic cancer also requires a multidisciplinary approach to achieve the best possible outcomes. All of the ancillary specialists that work with Mr Imber are leaders in their field.

He works in a team to perform complex pancreatic resections, often removing tumours that are associated with major blood vessels. These cases often require vascular resection (removal of blood vessels),and this can improve outcomes dramatically. We offer minimally invasive techniques including laparoscopic pancreatic resections, and a team led by Mr Imber performed the first robotic pancreatic resection in the UK.

"We work as part of multidisciplinary team that includes world-class radiologists and oncologists. Each case is discussed in detail and we make decisions after ensuring that each patient receives the correct treatment plan. Our team performed the first robotic liver resection in the UK for colorectal liver metastases" - Charles Imber

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